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For the sake of viewing inspiring images

June 12th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

In the spirit of piKe’s astute observation of me finding “the most interesting stuff,” I thought I’d post this image I stumbled across on my webbernet travels, if only because it is one of the most striking and inspiring ones I have seen in while.


What does her sign say? Woman: Your Freedom is in Your Right to Decide.

“The Mexico City legislature approved a bill… to make abortion legal during the first three months of pregnancy, a watershed vote that set the stage for court battles and social clashes between religious conservatives and liberals. Feminists hailed the vote as a clear victory. For decades, poor women here have resorted to clandestine clinics, traditional midwives and herbal potions to end unwanted pregnancies. Scores die every year in botched abortions. ‘Its a triumph for womens rights,’ said María Consuelo Mejía, the director of Catholics for the Right to Decide.”

-James C McKinley, The New York Times. It’s a bit late, but for some backround, read the full article here.

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