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FtF: Female to Femme

February 1st, 2009     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

I’m a little last-minute with this event posting, but those of you in Montreal might be interested in a screening hosted by Queer McGill tomorrow night.

The film is FtF: Female to Femme, and it’s an exploration of one side of lesbian life that often gets ignored: queer women who also identify as femme, girly, ladylike. From the Queer McGill website:

[FtF] explores femme dyke identities as radical gender practices. A film that envisions more than it documents, FtF denaturalizes gender and pushes for an understanding of femininity as multiple rather than singular, constructed rather than natural. Sexy, funny and controversial, FtF features a host of fabulous femmes, including professors, activists, artists and dancers.

Femmes a-glitterin’ from AltCinema website

I’m not able to embed the trailer for the movie, but you can watch it here.

The screening is tomorrow, Feb 2nd at 7:30 Shatner Building room B29, 3480 Rue McTavish (McGill University) More about the screening at Queer McGill, and more about the film at Altcinema.

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