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Goods 4 Girls: There’s Always Another Way

March 6th, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

About Goods 4 Girls:

“You may have seen the commercials… the ones describing how girls in South Africa miss school when they have their period and how buying Tampax tampons will help them. There’s also a commercial for Always pads, with a similar message. … But what are the potential problems with donating disposable feminine hygiene products? … What would be a good alternative to help out these girls but without the environmental impact? … I started Goods 4 Girls to provide the link for women wanting to donate hand-sewn menstrual pads to agencies who could provide the means to identify areas of need as well as provide the distribution to the women and girls needing the pads.” Goods for Girls

There’s a link to this initiative over at Green as a Thistle, and it was also mentioned in the comments on Stacey May’s article on the Always Africa Campaign. But if Always can buy time on tv, the least I can do is give this excellent alternative its own post.

Why is Goods 4 Girls using pads and not cups? What about the water requirements? What organizations are they donating to? Answers all here.

Everything in order? Donate one of three ways: 1) Send cash; 2) Make and send pads; 3) Buy pads for donation online.

That’s what I’m going to do… riiiiight… now.

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