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Google Chrome (‘n’Comics)

September 10th, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

This is a two-fer post – Wired Wednesdays plus some Comics are for Everybody action.


Google has a browser.

It’s a Beta version, and it’s only available for Windows for now. But still - Google has a browser.

At home I mostly use a Mac, so (besides my undying allegiance to Firefox) I can’t actually play with Chrome. Until Google releases a Mac version. Cough cough coughity cough Google. (Oh, and also a Linux one please, k thx).

But what I can do is read their launch materials, which are presented in… wait for it… comic book form! Not just a comic book, but a Creative Commons licensed comic book put together by Scott McCloud, of Understanding Comics fame.

Ultimately I’m concerned about what this means for Firefox, since they receive a whole lot of their funding from Google – who pay for their search engine to be tied into the browser. Chrome’s release makes me worry that Firefox are now in danger of becoming an unnecessary line-item. But I am hoping that the little fox and the shiny hunk of metal will live happily ever after (together).

I don’t know if that story will come true, but you can read the Chrome story here.


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