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Got $74,458? (Or Most Teen Magazines Still Suck Part II)*

September 5th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

*(or why I’d rather be a Shameless Girl than a Teen Vogue Girl.)


After (in his words) taking him to task yesterday, I have to now extend kudos to (still my hero) D.B. Scott for bringing my attention to this gem of a “research item” via

The blog Jezebel deployed two of its interns to plow through the September issues of fashion “ladymag” magazines published out of the U.S. and tally up what the price tag was for the “expensive shit” that was contained therein.

The total results were indeed hilariously expensive, and for Shameless Magazine purposes I decided to focus on items tallied for TeenVogue, the only competitor featured that was created for a teen audience:

Teen Vogue Apparel: $40,479 (Most expensive: tie between $1,995 Michael Kors sweater dress and same-price Chloe sweater. Least expensive: $8 Victoria’s Secret Pink boy-shorts) Beauty: $867 (Most expensive: $76 Stella McCartney 5 Benefits Moisturizing Cream. Least expensive: $5 Max Factor MaxEye Shadow) Accessories: $28,457 (Most expensive: A.F. Vandevorst shawl, $1,795. Least expensive: $8 We Love Colors green tights) Other: $4,655 (Most expensive: $1,299 Pierre Paulin Tulip chair by Artifort. Least expensive: $15 Fashionation mini stereo speakers) Total Shit: $74,458


So I (mostly because I was bored) decided to do a similiar analysis of the most recent issue of Shameless Magazine to see how we fared in terms of pushing expensive product on our readers when pitted against the heavyweights:


Shameless Magazine: Apparel: $272.95 (In Holland Gidney’s Swim! Bike! Run! she mentiones that if you decide to do a triathlon, you should get a bathing suit, goggles, running shoes and a helmet. Bike shoes, a wetsuit and a swim cap are optional, but to be fair to Teen Vogue I’ve thrown them in anyway. She didn’t recommend any specific brands, so I’ve had to do an estimate.) Beauty: $12.00 (Shameless doesn’t really have any beauty products in it’s pages, so I’ve instead used the items in Megan’s Best Bruchetta recipe. I didn’t count the veggies, because if you read the Becoming a Gardening Goddess Article, you grew them yourself. ) Accessories: $3.00 (In Melinda Mattos’ piece on how to make a Brooch in five easy steps, she tells you you’ll need a glue gun, a stick of glue and a brooch pin.) Other: -$299 (In Victoria’s advice column, Why am Shopping for the Cure?, she mentions that you might not want to buy a red iPod to support the Global Fund to fight HIV and AIDS, and instead give directly, or better yet: volunteer your time) Total Shit: -$11.05

So it looks like Teen Vogue has got us beat by $74,469.05. Interestingly enough, I thought I might add here that the amount of money Shameless told you not to spend, and therefore saved you ($11.05) is almost as much as a subscription to the magazine. You know, I’m just sayin’. The intern at Jezebel who did the calculations on the magazines’ “total shit” costs sums up my feelings on the hyper-consumptive product pushing nature of women’s magazines today:

Magazines are full of shit… now that my eyes are trained to inadvertently beeline to a dollar sign anytime I flip a page, magazines kind of make me want to vomit a little bit in my soup.

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