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Growing Up XX… Real Girls… Real Stories… The Emancipation Tour

April 7th, 2006     by Liz McDonnell     Comments

I have to admit, that when I saw the press release in my inbox with XX in the title, I had to stop for a minute. I thought it was just another piece of spam, until I really read it the title three more times.

Growing Up XX… Real Girls… Real Stories… The Emancipation Tour ( is an upcoming cabaret-style show, born from the mind of Tanya Lee, activist and single mother. When Lee came across UN statistics on girls through personal research, and then subsequently looking up Canadian statistics, she was blown away. In a effort to bring to light real issues girls encounter, both to other young women and adults alike, Lee created Growing Up XX.

The show is a series of short performances, monologues, spoken word, etcetera, written by girls who have had it happen to them. These performances cover the joy of sweet 16 to the pain and suffering experienced because of bullying; from first love to date rape. This show is the roller coaster ride of being a girl.

Their mission: “To tour globally and become social entrepreneurs for all girls no matter their creed, socioeconomic background and colour of their skin”.

The shows are happening April 14 and 15 at the Brampton Heritage Theatre, 86 Main Street North in Brampton. Tickets are available through the box office, which can be contacted at 905-874-2800. The funds raised through the shows will help them in their goal to tour and bring their message to the masses.


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