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GRRR! Women’s Poetry, Art & Performance Series} #1

April 28th, 2011     by Julia Horel     Comments

Hello Friends!

We would love to invite you to the first night of GRRR! Women’s Poetry and Performance Collective} (performances by women- and trans-identified folks) happening Sunday, May 1st at The Gild (352 Dupont St., Toronto, ON). The night will be nice and casual, including performances/readings and presentations from some pretty fabulous people. Come out, have a tea and get comfy/inspired!

Please note that the event is for any friends who wish to attend. The performers are women- and trans- identified, but the audience will be mixed!

Featured in the first instalment: … Maura Amadea (visual artist) & Sara Berger (visual artist/writer/photographer) /// presenting a juxtaposition of Amadea’s painting and Berger’s photography, creating a dialogue between two sensibilities. Possible reading/projection show as well! Not folks to miss.

Suzanne Sutherland ///is a fiction writer and musician hailing from T.O Suzanne will be reading one of her wonderful short stories for us. She is currently working on the online literary project Gut (http://gutlit.com/), has just had a new story published in Descant 152: Ghost and the Uncanny and is soon to be recording some music with her new, Toronto-based indie band Beatrice Sparks.

Rebe Perez ///is an amateur spoken word poet who has written and performed spoken word poetry in both Ottawa and Mexico City, and will be reading at GRRR! #1. Rebe has “her roots in the forest but gets steely in the city.” She identifies as feminist and is currently researching violence against women, which is informing and inspiring her poetry of late.

E. V. Mary Stephens //// is an artist and writer. By day, she pushes the envelope slightly to the left. By night, she’s usually asleep. She has been published in the U.S. and hopes to one day be published in Canada. She lives in Corktown in Toronto and insists she’s not Irish.

Nikkole Stone ///is a musician and writer based in downtown TO. She will be beltin’ out some tunes from her new band, The Nancy Boys, as well as a few old gems from her previous project, First Person Shooter. (http://www.soundcloud.com/the-nancy-boys).

Veronica Abrenica ///is an aspiring performance artist whose work reflect personal experiences such as the intrusion of the male gaze, public vs private and the manipulation of everyday materials. Come see the lady in action! (http://vimeo.com/verformance/videos)

Please feel free to contact the admins via the event Facebook page about performing, as the line-up is not set in stone (we’d love to include quite a few more performers) and we’d love to get to know you. No experience required, just a desire to share and make some noise wink Get in touch!

Just a reminder that this series is meant to provide a SAFE, and NON-JUDGEMENTAL space for folks to share their work, so please bring a respectful attitude. The space is large but we’re hoping to keep it pretty intimate, as well, as there are people living there and we want to keep it kosher for everyone.

*It is especially important to emphasize that GRRR! does not wish to involve itself w/ booze/drugs, so please do not bring alcohol or other recreational drugs to this event.


Xoxoxoxo GRRR!

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