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Hallelujah. He’s back.

November 8th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

I happen to know that Shameless’ Editor recently splurged and bought every season of Buffy on DVD (“Stacey, they were on sale.”) I’m not one to point fingers as I also own the entire collection and have probably seen every season at least three times (by the way, this is my favorite episode.)

For those of us who felt our hearts ripped out when Buffy was no more, it’s time for some good news. According to a story I cried over this morning in Xtra, Joss Whedon is back, and he’s as feminist as ever. This from Dose:

Fox has committed to seven episodes of a new Whedon-penned drama, Dollhouse, which will star Eliza Dushku of Buffy and Angel fame.

To quote Anna, “Smart feminist sci-fi? I think I just wet my pants.”

Whedon fans are more than hardcore; there’s already a fansite up at Here’s what the Whedon and Dushku have to say about the show:

“Dollhouse is a suspense drama about a girl who can have any personality except her own.” So it’s part Alias and part Quantum Leap, “because Echo is literally changing who she is,” he continues. “She gets into people’s lives a little bit.”

“I relate so much to this character,” (Dushku) marvels. “Echo is essentially the story of my life. I’ve lived a crazy life the past 16 years, traveling around the world and then tripping and falling into this business. Everyone wants you to transform and be a different person every week.”

There’s one tiny glitch in all this awesomeness though: the writer’s strike. But Whedon’s so crush-worthy, he supports that too (thumpa, thumpa.) For something this good, I’m willing to wait.

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