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Happy Valentine’s Day, Atmosphere!

February 14th, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

This week has been ecorgasmic and its only Wednesday.

First, Elizabeth May came to town, determined to have the Green Party invited into the federal leaders debate. Singing this petition can help bring her refreshing voice into what is normally a very boring event.

Then, I saw David Suzuki on his If You Were Prime Minister Tour (and if hearing his passionate speech weren’t enough, they were also giving away really cool buttons that match my favourite yoga shirt). The dreary chill that is February has left me in need of optimism, and Suzuki delivered. (I also need vitamin D, but he couldnt help on that one.)

And now, just now, the opposition forced a pro-Kyoto bill. It will be fascinating to see what happens next, on several fronts. Despite my cheer, it is irritating to think this bill has to happen at all. Canada has already signed Kyoto and it has been ratified. We are internationally obliged to live up to our commitment, and if the government worked as its supposed to, we’d be well on our way. Whatever their motivation, its a good thing that the opposition is pushing this agenda.

We also need to commit to reducing emissions as individuals, and Suzuki really pumped me up about the power of local action. The timing is delicous. As citizens engage in a national discussion about what wed do if we could empower the whole country, Harper is faced with this pickle. He should watch some of the videos on Suzukis YouTube site. They give me goosebumps of solidarity. People are engaged. My usual cynicism is melting into optimism.

I want to hang on to the buzz. Tell me your good news. What changes are you willing to make in your own life to reduce emissions, conserve nature, and reduce your own ecological footprint? What do you already do, and what pushed you to decide to make the change?

Overwhelmed with the scope of the problem? The Nature Challenge lays out some practical solutions as you start your own personal revolution.

Like Simpsons writer George Meyer writes, if you are not currently choking a panda the environmental movement needs you right now.

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