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February 6th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

In a climate where the prevailing motto of sex-ed policy sometimes seems to be “The Less You Know…”, nothing is more radical than a youth-oriented, queer-friendly, holistic approach to sexual health. Stacey May listed a few good places for information online; now I’d like you to meet Head & Hands, a Montreal-based centre for youth advocacy, and its badass sex-ed program The Sense Project.

From the website:

The Sense Project is a two year pilot project that aims to provide community-based sex education support for youth aged 13 to 16 at Montreal-area schools. It was conceived in light of the Quebec educational reform, which has essentially cut sex education from the curriculum at a time when the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are alarmingly high in Canadian youth. The project aim is to support young people’s healthy sexual development by giving them the information and emotional tools to make sensible choices. We aim to do this by helping participants acquire the information, motivation and behavioural skills necessary to reduce their risk of STI’s/HIV and unintended pregnancy.

Exciting, right? You want to get involved now, don’t you? Well, Head & Hands is always looking for volunteers and members. Or, alternately, if you live in Montreal and are of the booty-shakin’ persuation, the Main Hall (5390 St. Laurent) hosts a weekly dance party called Faggity Ass Fridays.

poster by tommyt

All the proceeds go to The Sense Project, and it is a guaranteed off-the-hook insane-o time. This week the lineup includes DJs Lynne T (of Lesbians on Ecstacy), Tommy T (longtime faggityass makepartyhappener who will mix Kate Bush with Metallica and make you love it) and, uh, moi (you knew there was going to be some shameless self-promotion somewhere, didn’t you?). Plus, this week V-Day Montreal will be performing their radical queer take on The Vagina Monologues before the music starts. Doors at 10, $5 or pay-what-you-can. Work it out like your momma taught you.

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