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Hey Beyonce! Do it as a girl?

October 18th, 2008     by Jenna Owsianik     Comments

Beyonce’s new single ‘If I Were a Boy’ has got me all riled up! It’s definitely a far cry from her earlier female power anthems like ‘Irreplaceable’ and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Woman’.

‘If I Were a Boy’ tells the story of a girl who does everything for a guy who in return betrays her and takes her for granted. She dreams of being a boy so, like him, she can get away with doing whatever she wants – which includes chasing after girls and wearing what she wants! Pahleeeeze!

My problem is that the song paints girls as forever-loyal and dying-to-please-desperate-Debbies, while guys are reduced to an unfaithful, insensitive and emotionally inept masculine gender role.

The final line really does it for me when Beyonce sings, “But you’re just a boy/you don’t understand.” It takes away any blame the guy deserves and the idea that she should expect more. But the WORST is that she lets herself off the hook.

Boys are only getting get out of jail free relationship cards because some hetero girls are tossing them out like parents toss out Halloween candy to children.

Video below:

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