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I am obsessed with Colleen Coover.

July 15th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

How can one person draw so many perfect pictures? Every one of them beautiful, silly, sexy and adorable! And, many of them are pornographic.

Colleen Coover, a Portland, Oregon based artist is best known for her series Small Favors, which is porn. But it’s the kind of porn anyone can get behind (pun intended?), because it’s hot, but also super cute and funny. Coover designed the book to “celebrate sex and the pretty girls who enjoy sex,” so many women enjoy it. But this is no toned down erotica. There are some seriously sexy happenings in these books.

Small Favors follows the story of Annie, and her magical friend, Nibbil, who is a part of Annie’s subconscious that’s gone wild. Sort of an id she can make out with. Nibbil can shrink until she fits into Annie’s palm and grow back to regular size at will. Annie and Nibbil get into all sort of sexy adventures involving kitchens, doctors’ offices, picnics and parties. The fantastical elements of Small Favors remind us that porn is fantasy. Anything can happen because it’s not real.


Coover also does some mainstream comic work, and she draws her superheros like she draws her sexy ladies: cute as all heck. Check out this awesome Mary Marvel.


Coover’s been doing back up stories in X-Men: First Class too.


Eeeeeeeeeeee! I love it.

If all the adorable-ness isn’t enough for you, Coover has a kid-friendly book called Banana Sunday. It’s the story of Kirby, a high school girl trying to fit in at a new school, while trying to take care of her three talking monkeys.


Talking monkeys, what’s better than that?

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