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“I Have the Entire Christian Right Community In My Vagina.”

November 6th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

In light of the fact that many Americans think it’s totally okay to amend the constitution to repeal or prevent the marriage and family (and human) rights their neighbours, I really needed to revisit Julie Goldman. Do we really need to do this all over again? Really?

Margaret Cho had this to say about Prop 8 passing:

…I am totally disgusted and furious that now there is a ban on gay marriage in California. So my happiness about Obama is tempered by my anger about Prop 8. Still, we cannot give up on the struggle. This is just a reason to fight harder to make gay marriage legal again. We can overturn the ban. We lost this by such a narrow margin. It was only a few votes. We could take it back. These ‘yes on 8x2032 idiots really think they have God on their side, but they don’t. Trust me, Jesus is totally bummed right now because He is not registered to vote in California because he is technically dead, although he has everlasting life. This is just a momentary setback, something that will make our ultimate victory just that much sweeter. And with a new President, someone who will finally listen to us, we can do anything.

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