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“i just want you to know, i think you’re very brave”

October 11th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

Watch this fantastic clip from Talk, the short film released by the UK Disability Rights Commission in 2000. The film envisions a world where abled people are minority who are either pitied or discriminated against, while people with disabilities lead full lives.

The thing that I love about this clip is how it points out that life for a person with a disability is not difficult because of their disability, but because they live in an environment that doesn’t regard their basic needs as important. As in, the problem is not the person with the disability, it’s the environment.

I also thought it was really interesting how the abled protagonist who experiences discrimination is not simply abled, he’s also straight, white, young, good-looking and middle class. When we see someone who we don’t normally think of as disadvantaged facing so many barriers, it really brings home how absurd, random and cruel privelege - or rather the lack of it! - really is.

Here’s the full film, in two segments:

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