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i love you mariah carey

April 5th, 2008     by Thea Lim     Comments

Ok, so you may already know that I spend a lot of time trying to rationalise my love for the Spice Girls, and convincing people that teen dance movies are the vanguard front of the revolution, but you may not know that I have an undying love for Mariah Carey.

Earlier this week MC knocked Elvis out of the #2 spot for most number of #1 singles and is now second only to the Beatles. This is what she had to say:

“I really can never put myself in the category of people who have not only revolutionised music but also changed the world,” she said…”That’s a completely different era and time …I’m just feeling really happy and grateful.” … Carey said being in such company was gratifying not only because of her personal success, but what it meant for women and minorities.

Score one for the ladies (and the ladies of colour, and the mixed race ladies, and the ladies who’ve struggled with mental health…)!

Watch the video for her new single “Touch My Body” after the jump. I could go on at length about how it joyfully celebrates sexuality, pokes fun at diva conventions, and confronts the stereotype that ladies don’t know tech talk, but I won’t push it…

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