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if feminism is dead then I definitely saw a lot of zombies today

March 8th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Before I learned about its origins, I kind of thought International Women’s Day was a bit of a bogus holiday - one of those tokenistic pats on the head, like when Rolling Stone had its Year of the Woman Issue. You know - “Enjoy your day, ladies! Because the sausage party recommences at sundown.” I also resent being told to appreciate the women in my life - it’s like someone reminding me that food is an important part of your meal.

Since then, though, I’ve read a bit about how the day marks the beginning of a series of women-led labour protests. After 146 women died in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in New York City in 1911, for instance, immigrant women sweatshop workers organized to demand safer working conditions (one reason so many women died in this fire is because one of the two exits had been LOCKED).

There are a lot of similar stories out there from around the world. It’s a sad reality that women often work under the worst conditions, and therefore are the ones who have to push the hardest for change. So that’s what I had in mind at this year’s IWD march.

Neither snow nor rain…

I don’t have a lot more to add, except that those who think that feminism is dead better come up and say it to these folks, who braved one of the worst storms this year to stick it to The Man. Sniff sniff.

(more photos from the march after the cut)

The kids are all right.

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