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Illuminate: Celebration of Muslim Women Art

August 26th, 2013     by Jennifer Marston     Comments

Hosted by Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project, Speak Sudan, and the Truth and Dare Project, on Thursday, September 19, 2013 head down to the YWCA Elm Centre (87 Elm Street, Toronto, ON) for a night of celebrating Muslim Women Art.

Space is wheelchair accessible

This is a FREE event.

Showcasing poetry, spoken word, dance by Muslim women including: Faduma Gere Fowzia Duale Virtue Hawa Abdullah Kanwal Rahim Miriam Farooqi Raazia Rafeek & Sidrah Khatoon Rua El-kasheef Shehzeen Shehnaz Timaj Garadag AND MORE!

Funded by: ArtReach Toronto, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Laidlaw Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Women’s Directorate

Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project is a movement of young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence. As young Muslim women we want to determine the ways in which we define and access safety. Outburst!, a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, is an opportunity for us to build community through art, education and research. Tumblr:

SpeakSudan is a collective of young East African individuals in Southwestern Ontario who operate primarily in the GTA. Our objective is to promote the creative expression of East African youth in the diaspora. Our efforts are arts based and focus on capacity building and skill sharing. We work from anti oppressive, gender aware, accessibly, anti-colonial, queer positive framework. We seek to explore and dissect the many facets which make up our identities and to confront the challenges we face in relation to displacement and migration; gender and family; religion and culture, status and sexuality; war and violence; as well as race and ethnicity. We create safe spaces to promote personal and community growth. This space is both physical and emotional to explore the connections with the places and cultures we identify with. This space is a counter narrative to discourse surrounding East Africa generated by those outside our community. We hope to allow space for multiple voices and dissenting opinions.

The Truth & Dare Project is a series of photography-based, skill-building workshops for young Muslim women in Toronto. The youth participants will have an opportunity to showcase their work as well as participate in the development of a photography publication. This project aims to strengthen one’s sense of identity through creative exploration and create a sense of belonging among excluded youth.

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