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November 8th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

Canada is slipping in the global ranks when it comes to gender equity. The Globe and Mail reports that this World Economic Forum study shows that Canada went from a rank of 14th to 18th since the last report.

According to the study Canada hasn’t necessarily gotten worse it’s more that other countries are actually doing things to improve gender equality while we are stagnating. For the record, we’re doing well in providing education access and similar access to health resources to people of all genders. Is that your experience in Canada?

More obviously, this is where the WEF says we are lacking: “But it (Canada) scored lower on economic participation and opportunity (0.74) and much lower (0.159) on political empowerment, with women making up only 21 per cent of MPs and 23 per cent of cabinet posts in Parliament.”

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