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Indie film makers need your help!

January 27th, 2009     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

36-24-36 is being made by a small group of teenage girls in Kitmat, BC who teamed up with two off duty clinical counsellors. The film is about the perception of female body image in our society and its correlation with eating disorders. The film has been two years in the making and has never received financial funding of any kind.

What They Need… The filmmakers are looking for photos from girls and women of any age that represent the pressures placed on females to maintain a ‘socially acceptable’ body type. The photos can be of anything, anybody, and from any part of the world, as long as they are pictures that you took. Be as creative as you want! Once all the photos are submitted, the young filmmakers will review them and place them in the film. Your name, age, and place of origin will be included in the film’s credits.

More info on the project and how to get involved after the break.

Why We Need It… In January 2009, just prior to the film’s public premiere, the filmmakers learned that some of its content could warrant a civil lawsuit from some very large and powerful corporations. The young filmmakers were left with the option to either pay enormous fees so that they could use copyrighted material in their film, or run the risk of being sued. The copyrighted material in question included media images of women being depicted as overly skinny and unrealistically proportioned in magazines, TV, music videos, and films.

Not wanting to pay any money to the same corporations that promote poor body image among young women, the filmmakers decided to go about creating their own footage for the film.

“Body image affects women all over the world, and we want to capture that in our film.” Andrea (13 year-old filmmaker)

Criteria for Submission… - The photo was either taken by you or it is a picture of you. - You believe that the photo represents the pressures placed on young women to be skinny or look “socially acceptable.” - The photo must be submitted via email to - The photo must be scanned to its largest possible image size. - You (and your legal guardian if you’re under 19) will need to sign a consent form that we will email to you.

The film is scheduled to premiere the first week of February 2010, during Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

For more information about the film, please contact Roderick Taylor,

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