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It Gets Better, Continued

October 28th, 2010     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

As a follow up to my last post on Canadian contributions to the It Gets Better Project, some more links:

If you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of material posted to the It Gets Better YouTube page, Jezebel recently posted the 15 Best It Gets Better Videos. The comments section are full of suggestions from other people as well.

And on Art Info, blogger Tyler Green has posted about Untitled (One Day This Kid…), a work of art by David Wojnarowicz. Green explains:

The New York-based Wojnarowicz made art about the right of humans to be different from each other and about what it feels like to be unlike the dominant hetero-norm. David Wojnarowicz made art so different, so plain and so direct that it stands as an example: It’s not just activists and politicians that can impact America and American lives; artists have something to say about our world too, something that needs to be seen and heard. Twenty years ago, Wojnarowicz made this piece, Untitled (One day this kid…). He made it as a 30 3/4-inch X 41-inch photostat, but it’s probably gained more cultural currency as a postcard available at just about every progressive bookstore in New York. This seems like a good time to post it.

So here it is:

One Day This Kid...

Green goes on to urge people to request that museums in possession of the work take it out of storage. Let’s hope one day, it will be a quaint relic of the past and no longer so painfully relevant.

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