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It’s a little early, but they’re already considering how they’ll make fun of her…

March 18th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Since we’ve been on the topic of Hillary Clinton and how the American media will tear her and her personal life to shreds should she run for president, I thought I’d share an interesting article on the preparations being made to make fun of her if she should make it to office.

Now, lampooning the president has long been an entertaining tradition that I myself have long enjoyed, so mocking should be equal opportunity, right?

Wrong. Alas, the very idea is proving to be a challenge: “It’s difficult to make fun of a woman without it coming off as anti-woman,” said comedian Doug Hecox, who has a comedy blog, Seems that among some comedians making fun of women is “sexist” but making fun of men is par the course? It’s a whole new realm of equality if you ask me.

While you ponder this question, please enjoy Will Farrell doing his version of Dubya: “So stick with Bushy..”

I promise this wasn’t just an excuse to get my beloved Will Farrell on the Shameless Blog.


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