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Joy Kogawa Reading in Toronto

March 1st, 2006     by Liz McDonnell     Comments

When I was in high school, we had to read Obasan, a tale written from the perspective of a girl, Naomi Nakane, during the Japanese evacuation and internments in Canada during World War II. This book not only brought a piece of shameful Canadian history to light for me, but also opened my eyes to a wonderful writer - Joy Kogawa.

I am happy to say that Joy Kogawa will be reading from her sequel to Obasan, Emily Kato (previously entitled Itsuka), Thursday, March 9th at 5pm at the Church of the Holy Trinity, located behind the Toronto Eaton Centre. Admission is free. For further information, contact Anton Wagner at

To read about the plight to save the Kogawa’s childhood Vancouver home, from which the writer and her family were evacuated, go to

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