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Junos 2010…Is There Hope?

March 4th, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

To be honest, I don’t normally pay attention to the JUNO Awards. Often reflecting what major radio stations are playing as opposed to what Canadians are actually listening to, the Junos have in the past seemed…”out of touch” is a nice what to say it, I think.

This year, things appear to be a little different.

I didn’t check out any of the news when Juno nominations were announced (who wants to hear that Nickleback is going to embarrass us again?!). But as the links started to seep out over Twitter and Facebook, I began to see names I actually like: Tegan & Sara Metric Emily Haines Amy Millan K’Naan Joel Plaskett Charles Spearin (I won’t blow all of the surprises!)

Could it be? Are the Junos actually recognizing worthy Canadian musicians and bands this year?

Here is the full list of nominees so you can decide for yourself.

I gotta say, I’m still seeing a lot of regulars and safe bets…Nickleback, Michael Buble, etc. But the new additions are definitely making me pay more attention.

Does any of this change your view of the Junos? Will you watch this year?

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