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Kinnie Starr Comes To the Page

September 29th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

I’ve loved Vancouver-based Kinnie Starr since she emerged on the music scene in 1995, so I was more than happy to hear that she’s put her fantastic songwriting talents to the page with a new book titled How I Learned to Run (House of Parlance Media):

From Kinnie Starr, an incredibly talented artist deemed “edgy” and “enchanting” by The New Yorker, comes a beautifully rendered — and oft-times haunting — collection of poetry. These are poems that evoke and provoke and sing and scream. Kinnie has mastered the art of making words live and breathe. Her words are not soon forgotten.

You can check out some sample poems from the September 2008 release here, and catch some of Starr’s musical talent below.

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