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laugh, cry, agree that hilary duff isn’t that bad?

July 25th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

On the topic of Hilary Duff, and misunderstandings about feminism, this funny (or horrible?) article is about the chairman of a Welsh family charity who blames feminism for, well, everything.

Saying that the push for equal opportunity has broken up families, denying many children their “fathers’ love,” David Hughes states:

“Prior to the emergence of the false values of feminism, there was a distinct under-standing between men and women that he would bring home the bacon and she would look after the home and care for the family.”

“Women relied on men for their support. They still rely on men for their support but, sadly, that support is now being channelled via our tax system and the vast majority of taxes are contributed by men.”

And this one is my favourite:

“The detritus left in the wake of 30 years of feminism is considerable, an international disaster. And, as with most other disasters, such as 9/11, it falls mainly to men to clear up the mess.”

Yeah, 9/11, feminism, it’s all pretty much the same thing. And cleaning and men? Yeah, most of the world’s cleaning is done by men, sure…

With this kind of rubbish coming out of the mouths of adult men, can we really blame Hilary Duff for having such redonculous views of feminism? I’m telling you, we oughta just buy her a copy of Shameless.

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