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love sees no colour!

January 7th, 2008     by Thea Lim     Comments

He was right for her. She was his one and only.

Here’s a funny story from the CBC: Harlequin of the Harlequin romance novels have created new imprints to appeal to (female) readers of African and (East?) Asian descent:

Publishing houses across North American are creating new lines of romances aimed at people of Asian and African descent, according to Brian Miller, a Seattle journalist who follows the market for romance novels.

While that may sound like disgusting targeted marketing, Miller makes this excellent point about how people of colour have been traditionally left out of romance novels, or at least rarely seen as protagonists:

“So much of romance has been English and set in the past, whereas people of colour were the great other across the waves,” he told CBC cultural affairs show Q.

Damn right we should all have equal rights to trashy romance novels!

Does anyone know of romance novels that appeal to queer women?

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