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Make your own comics workshop

September 23rd, 2006     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

Make Your Own Comics with Shameless Cartoonist Roxanne Bielskis!

Five-week workshop starting on Wednesday, October 4th at the Parkdale Public Library (1303 Queen St. West) in Toronto.

Would you like an introduction to the exciting process of telling your stories through comics? Come learn the theory and technique of comics storytelling with Roxanne Bielskis, creator of Poverty Comics and Shameless’s own Poverty High! This is not just some workshop that will teach you how to draw an amazing Catwoman - this five-week workshop places a strong emphasis on helping you find your own artistic and literary voice by teaching you how comics work in telling a story, helping you translate your own stories and characters onto the comics page, and introducing you to the work of other cartoonists working in Toronto and all over the world! You’ll learn how to use the tools of a cartoonist and methods of the self-publisher, and by the end of the course, you’ll have your very own comic book to trade with your friends and even sell in the shops!

Spaces are limited, email rbielskis AT yahoo DOT com for a registration form. There will be a materials fee of between $15-$25 depending on the number of participants. If you can’t pay this fee, it may be subsidized.

All workshops are from 6pm-8pm at the Parkdale Public Library.

Week 1 (October 4): How do comics work? (theory, grammar and lexicon of comics) Week 2 (October 11): How do I tell my story? (developing plots, characters, themes, issues in writing for comics) Week 3 (October 18): Approaching the page (layouts and formats for putting your ideas on the page) Week 4 (October 25): Materials and Technique: (the fun stuff! How to use the materials of the comic artist) Week 5 (November 1st): How do I get people to read this? (publishing your comic book)

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