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Maker Monday! Mini Zines!

May 26th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

Illustration by Erin McPhee

Every Monday we’re bringing you awesome craft ideas from The Studio, a drop-in program for youth aged 13-21 run by Delisle Youth Services. (

The Studio is a youth directed drop-in centre for queer and trans youth and allies ages 13-21. Come chill with us at Mon-Thurs 3-8pm at The Studio under the Northern District Toronto Library at 40 Orchard View Blvd in Toronto!

Today for Maker Monday we’ll be making mini zines in a workdshop led by the amazing Coco Riot. Tell your story through words, drawings, or collage.

Steps (this is best done with a photo tutorial):

  1. Take a regular letter sized paper and fold it width-wise in the middle (like a card!)
  2. Fold each half again, accordian-style.
  3. Make a cut width-wise across the middle two-panels (refer to guide)
  4. Fold the entire paper length-wise
  5. Fold along the seam and you’ve got a mini zine!

Not sure what to make a zine about?:

  • How did you get here?

  • What’s your favourite family story?

  • What is your gender? What does it mean to you?

  • Who was your favourite fictional character when you were a child? Why?

  • What would you do if you were the last person on earth?

  • What’s your comfort food?



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