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Maker Monday! Weaving Wheel!

May 5th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

Illustration by Erin McPhee

Every Monday we’re bringing you awesome craft ideas from The Studio, a drop-in program for youth aged 13-21 run by Delisle Youth Services. (

The Studio is a youth directed drop-in centre for queer and trans youth and allies ages 13-21. Come chill with us at Mon-Thurs 3-8pm at The Studio under the Northern District Toronto Library at 40 Orchard View Blvd in Toronto!

Last week Raz stopped by to talk about weaving and quickly whipped up this mini-loom out of a small piece of cardboard, then we started weaving!

Materials: - Piece of cardboard about 5”x5” - 7 pieces of Embroidery thread or yarn or string - Scissors


  1. Cut the corners off of your cardboard square to make it an octagon

  2. Punch a small hole in the centre of your octagon

  3. Make a small cut (about 1/4” to 1/2”) at the centre point (doesn’t have to be exact) of each side of the octagon

  4. Tie the 7 strings together in a knot, then pull the strings through the centre loop and then clip one piece of yarn into each slot, there should be one empty slot

  5. Hold the disc so that the empty slot is at the top. Un-clip whichever yarn is in the bottom-right (three slots to the right) and clip it in to the top slot.

  6. Now you have a new empty slot, unclip whichever yarn is 3 slots to the right of the empty one, and move it to the open slot

  7. Continue in this way until you’ve got what you want! An easy way to remember is that if the empty slot is 12 o’clock, you are always moving the string from 5 o’lock to 12 o’clock!

This craft is definitely better understood with pictures, here is a link:

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