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Margaret Cho on Celebrity Menses

January 22nd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Normally I wouldn’t report on paparazzi goings-on, but this Margaret Cho piece is too funny not to post.

In case you’re unaware, some photos (that I refuse to link to) began circulating of Britney’s “discoloured” underpants and as a result there was a whole lot of “I guess she’s not pregnant” and “ewww” as a response. But the best response? How about “Let She Who Is Without Period Stains Throw The First Tampon:”

I am the worst when it comes to period stains. That is why I never move because my mattress is so so so so stained that whenever I change the sheets it just looks like a murder scene. I’m serious. Somebody should put crime scene ‘do not cross’ tape up. It’s awful! I can’t understand any woman who hasn’t had some kind of hot menses mess. Those women are weird and probably perfect, and always get a pap smear every six months, and have never had a weight problem or worried about sitting on a white couch - and they are no friends of mine!

Did I mention I love Margaret Cho? Check out this piece on Cho in a back issue of Shameless Magazine.

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