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Mariah in drag? Yes, please.

July 14th, 2009     by Teresa Chun-Wen Cheng     Comments

Mariah Carey’s newest single has been leaked! Not only that, but the video as well! The best part is that Mariah is in drag.

While I am incredibly excited for my favourite mainstream diva to be performing in drag, it is a little concerning that she is pretty much dressed like Eminem. When will this epic battle of Mariah Carey/Nick Canon versus Eminem come to an end? This very public dual has reached a new level, which actually makes for interesting analysis around Mariah’s identity as a diva and a mixed race woman. Women who know what they want are often brushed off as catty, revengeful divas. To add to that, Mariah is a mixed race woman and women of colour have long had to live with stereotypes of themselves as dangerous and evil. But that’s another post.

For now, let’s just oogle Mariah, international songstress babe, in drag.

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