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Mary Claus: Not Just Santa’s Mrs.!

December 25th, 2008     by Desirée O     Comments

Every Thursday I profile a new incredible woman, each from a different walk of life. Different professions, causes, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and anything/everything else!

So without further delay, let me introduce the jolly Mary Claus…

Mary Claus at a PETR Protest at the North Pole, December 13, 2008.

Very little is known about the woman who is so commonly referred to as Mrs. Claus. More than just Santa’s partner in life and co-manager of the most famous toy workshop in history, Mary is a crusader for labour rights, advocate of children’s causes, and founder of PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Reindeer). With all that she has to manage during this busy time of year, she still takes a moment to tell us why she’s not just Santa’s Mrs., she’s also a Shameless Woman!

What drives you to do what you do?

A need to bring a sense of magic back to our everyday lives. As well as the knowledge that a position such as mine comes with a responsibility to not only create order and happiness for those around me, but also to as many people as I possibly can around the world.

How does being a woman empower / challenge you?

Being the head of a workshop of elves is much like being the mother. I delegate, I mediate, I problem solve, and I must show each and every one of my elves care and attention in order for them to flourish.

I would say being a woman has challenged me by the lack of attention I am given for my role alongside my partner. I fully support Santa, and stand with him in all that we do. But it seems like the fact that he is a man is why he has been chosen the figurehead of the holiday over me. It can be frustrating at times, but then I remember I’m not in it for the fame.

What advice would you give to young women who want to follow in your footsteps?

If you’re talking literally following in my footsteps: The Ashby RED Boot! You can find them at Moo Shoes. Great for zipping around the workshop (or a sit-in), they match your snazziest holiday outfit, and are completely vegetarian. They’re a little pricey, but that’s what presents are for!

If you’re talking about following in my career path: Remember to go into business with a partner you really trust and can weather the storms with. And if you set up shop in the middle of the isolated North Pole, make sure it’s with people you can stand to be around.

Mary Claus at a labour rights sit-in.

Name one person, place, or thing every young woman should know about?

Know yourself and choose who you really want to be - and then go be it! Others will try to define you and create their own ideas of who you are. You can either choose to believe it and succumb to it, or you can use what they think to make yourself a better person. Disprove what’s not true and take any positives in what they say to allow yourself to grow by applying it to your life.

What is the most important thing we can do in order to change the world?

Have compassion for everyone (adult, child, or other living creature) around the world and remember to keep a little magic in your life no matter what age you are!

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings, everyone!

A little note from me (D. Cole): When considering who to profile for this week, someone suggested that considering this week’s post fell on Christmas, I should interview Mrs. Claus. Always open to suggestions and challenges, I thought I’d take a look at what I could find out about the famous female figure of the holiday. Surprisingly, I found very little.

So I thought instead of throwing the idea in the trash and further ignoring a woman of the season, I would create the “interview” as I, myself, imagine Mary (Mrs.) Claus would respond.

It hopefully brought a smile to your face and a little more jolliness to your season!

If you have any ideas of who/what you think Mary Claus is or should be, leave a comment below and let us know.

What about other female figures of the season? Are there any amazing lady icons you celebrate this time of year? That is, other than your shameless self!

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