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August 6th, 2015     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

Three Somali-Canadian sisters (Ihan, Hodan, and Ayan Ibrahim) have launched their own publishing company Qurtuba Publishing House. In an interview with MY252 Ihan reflects on why the sisters (who are all in their 20s) decided to launch their publishing house:

“One night, we were discussing how awesome it would be to have an accessible resource for Muslims that focused on discussing relevant issues that Western Muslims are facing. Although there are many resources for Muslims out there, we felt there was a void between the acquisition of knowledge and implementation of knowledge in Muslim communities. We thought about creating a platform for Muslims that not only produced insightful publications, but to provide Muslims with practical tools to be able to develop solutions to the various issues Muslims are faced with.”

Grassy Narrows First Nation activist Judy Da Silva is currently involved with a CN rail lawsuit. As her legal fees go up her defence fund will need as much support as possible. You can find more information and donate here:

“Judy was served with a lawsuit and injunction by CN railway on April 10, 2015 after she organized an Anishnaabe water ceremony near train tracks in Grassy Narrows. The ceremony was intended to protect waterways from contamination from train derailments. In the month prior to the ceremony, CN had reported three polluting train derailments.”

Translatina activist Lexi Adsit has compiled a list of 24 actions to take to help trans women of colour survive with actions from listening, to creating a scholarship for trans women of colour, to organizing with trans women of colour.

At 82, former Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols will fly in a NASA observatory mission next month.

A boycott of the upcoming film Stonewall has been called for the film’s whitewashing of queer history:

“It is time that black and brown transwomyn and drag queens are recognized for their efforts in the riots throughout the nation. From the preview alone, we know that will not be happening . Majority of characters casted are white actors, cis men play the role of transwomyn, and folks who began the riots do not seem to be credited with such revolutionary acts.”

Tomorrow is the last day of the Grassroots Indigenous Water Defence water walk. The walk started on August 3 in Treaty 3 territory following the proposed TransCanada Energy East Pipeline route from Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake, Ontario. You can donate to their fundraiser here.

On August 13 at noon, We Give Consent is hosting a Twitter chat on consent culture.

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