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Mo’Nique, Amanda Palmer, Golden Globes…and Hairy Legs

January 21st, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

Did you watch the Golden Globes this year? Were you moved by Mo’Nique’s emotional speech? Were you caught up in the “issue” of her leg hair?


Yes, that’s right, because there are those who insist on anally analyzing every aspect of women’s bodies (especially those on red carpets) went ahead with a story titled, “Mo’Nique: least superficial actress ever? Before Golden Globes most moving speech, flaunts leg hair”.


Here’s a bit of the article…and make sure to watch out for some of my favourite bits, like…

“And if she was at all embarrassed by her shaggy state…”

”..she picked up the skirt of her long gown on the red carpet, exposing the issue.”

“A long dress covers a multitude of personal appearance sins…”

“Mo’Nique may have been so wrapped up in preparing her remarks, in fact, that she forgot to take care of a little beauty matter before the awards - shaving her legs. And if she was at all embarrassed by her shaggy state, she didn’t show it. On the contrary, whether inadvertently or not, she picked up the skirt of her long gown on the red carpet, exposing the issue. A long dress covers a multitude of personal appearance sins - until you pull it up. For true Mo’Nique fans, however, her hairy red carpet appearance will come as no surprise. Mo’Nique has actually been on the forefront of a laissez-fair policy toward leg hair for many years. She showed off her unshaven gams on a 2006 appearance on “The View,” after prompting from Barbara Walters. She told Walters, and by extension a national TV audience, “I must show America what a real leg looks like … because it’s too much in the morning, every morning, to shave, to cut, you got Band-aids baby,” she said after popping out from behind the hosts’ table to show off her unshaved calf. “I really think hair on a woman’s legs is a black woman’s thing,” she later added, after pointing out that she does shave under her arms to avoid “stink.” It’s not the first time she’s sported this look on the red carpet either, having drawn attention at last years NAACP Image Awards over the same issue. Love it or hate it, she’s one actress you can’t say is overly obsessed with her appearance.” (you can read the entire article here)

Why does the article start by saying she forgot to shave her legs, and then go on to talk about how she chooses not to shave them?

I’m confused by this whole thing. Why is this even a big enough issue to warrant mentioning? Who friggin’ cares?

Except that perhaps I agree with Amanda Palmer that hopefully this might help to change things for the better. The Dresden Dolls performer was also at the event, and along with wearing a super-sexy dress, also proudly showed off her natural hair:

After the event she tweeted: “hopefully between me & Mo’Nique, we’ll change the cultural beauty & shaving standard this year.” (@amandapalmer)

So I ask you…

Do you choose to shave / not shave? Why? Why not?

And why, oh why, is women’s body hair such an “issue”?

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