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Monthly Music Musings: Amanda X

May 13th, 2014     by Becky Martyn     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for 90’s- esque “grungy” grrl pop, and I’m pretty happy that I am not the only one because then bands like Amanda X would not exist.

Amanda X are a three piece based out of Philly comprised of Cat Park, Tiff Yoon, and Kat Bean who play dreamy, quivery guitar driven music.

They formed in early 2012 and soon after, self-released Ruin the Moment on tape. Currently, they are in the process of recording a full length, titled Amnesia, on Siltbreeze Records. Lucky for all of us residing in Toronto, Amanda X is touring in support of their new record, and will be making an appearance at Thigh High Club House’s first birthday bash on May 14. For those of you planning on heading to Montreal for Pouzza Fest, you are also in luck because Amanda X will be playing the Pouzza Fest Pre Show on May 15, and will be playing at Pouzza Fest on May 16.

Listen to “Ruin the Moment” HERE.

See Amanda X in Toronto on: May 14, All Ages At: Thigh High Club House, Toronto. (Email for directions) Event info:

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