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Monthly Music Musings: Two Crosses

June 26th, 2014     by Becky Martyn     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

Two Crosses are a powerviolence band from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario comprised of Michela, Justin, Peter and Zach. What started off as talk between Michela and Justin in the American Apparel stockroom where they both worked turned in to “Two Crosses” when Peter and Zach were recruited for jams.

The band describes their music as being “fast, anxious,(and) noisy (and) obsessive and awkward to everyone involved” and they touch on topics such as loneliness and desolation, the end of the world, and hypocrisy within hardcore. Not surprisingly then, the band is also adamant about playing all ages shows and being inclusive (i.e. by asking people who typically take up more space at shows to take a step back).

If this sounds like your kind of schtik I recommend checking out Desolation which was released earlier this year. Better yet, if you live in the Uxbridge, Ontario area, you can check the band out on July 12, Two Crosses will be playing in with Exalt, Nicole Dollanganger, Sleepwalker, Erebos and Keen.

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