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June 4th, 2006     by Wesley Fok     Comments

We’ve just put up on the website a couple of articles from last year’s summer and fall issues. Check ‘em out:

Making The Cut (Fall 2005): Zoe Cormier explores a disquieting new trend in cosmetic surgery: the designer vagina. Nominated for a National Magazine Award!

Broads On Boards (Summer 2005): Anna Leventhal meets the Skirtboarders, the all-female skate crew grinding rails and storming quarter pipes in Montreal.

Sporting Goods (Fall 2005): Jennifer Besner gets a crash course in surfing.

DIY (Fall 2005): From the turntable to the kitchen table—Amanda Rataj turns your old records into retro chic bowls.

And In This Corner… (Summer 2005): From the pen of Zoe Whittall comes the Hot Fat Girl Manifesto.

Sporting Goods (Summer 2005): Tori Allen profiles Camille Surovy, a competitive shredder who can pull off some mean moves with a footbag.

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