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May 21st, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

Wired Wednesday is on auto-pilot this week. As I’m moving tomorrow, and even this post is written from the floor, using stolen wireless, eating a sad little muffin. So I give you a link medley week. Some newfangled things, and a bunch of classics. Hold onto your mice.

GAMES * A teaser for a game I’ve been looking forward to forever (okay, since last summer) – Mirror’s Edge. Featuring a strong, smart, athletic, neither over nor undersexed female lead. Le drool.

  • A game without either sex or violence (these beasties are rare but they exist). Called Echochrome, it’s an Escherian perspective puzzle game.

STUFF (actual and virtual) * Skins for your laptop, cell phone, iPod. * And a couple of suppliers for cool wallpaper.

FILM * Not Disney’s cup of animation.

CLASSICS * Life plans, xkcd style. * And finally, because it makes me laugh every time, one of my favourite ads ever, done for EDS (Electronic Data Systems).


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