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October 9th, 2008     by Cate Simpson     Comments

It’s a big week here at Shameless. We’ve got four fantastic new bloggers joining us, and because they’re all starting at once, we decided to let them all introduce themselves in this one handy post.

Jenna Owsianik is a chipper young writer and activist from Steel City, a.k.a. Hamilton, Ontario. She recently finished her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and French and dreams of a career in journalism. Since 2005, Jenna has been on the steering committee for The Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education. She also writes for and spends time as a videoblogger on YouTube.

Jenna is going to post a Film Friday videoblog, every other week starting this Friday.

D. Cole Ossandon is a writer, artist, and musician currently based in Toronto. Raised to believe she could, should, and would change the world through art and activism, she was attending independent films and protests before she could walk. Soon finding her own voice in the arts/activism community, D. Cole has been (and continues to be) involved with many organizations and events working to make the planet a better place. D. Cole’s work is featured on her website as well as on her blog Perpetual Existence. She also creates music with her band Boom Epic.

D. Cole is bringing us a brand new column called Shameless Women, profiling strong, successful women, every Thursday starting next week.

Michelle Schwartz is a librarian, freelancer, and kvetch extraordinaire from Brooklyn, New York. She was recently transplanted to Toronto, a city that has won her heart with the triple threat of queer marriage, excellent running paths, and a vast selection of toppings available at every hotdog cart. Michelle is a photographer, writer, and Internet addict. In her free time, she watches copious amounts of television and reads books and magazines that offend her, just so that she can complain.

Michelle is going to blog about pop culture and advertising.

Stark Koenig is an accidental cybergeek with a Luddite’s heart, a part-time recluse and full-time freelance writer and editor living in the most densely populated census tract in Canada. Her work has appeared in a variety of places and media, from academic journals to bathroom walls. Currently she mostly focuses on armchair travel, queer theory, immigration activism and making feminist critiques of her favourite TV shows.

Stark and Michelle were also behind those awesome Canadian Club take-offs we posted about earlier this year. Stark is going to blog on TV and pop culture.

I’m really excited to welcome all of our new bloggers to the Shameless team, and to start reading what they come up with.

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