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New episode of the Shameless Talks podcast now up!

August 12th, 2015     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

The second episode of Shameless Talks is here! Hosted by our arts editor, Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, this podcast will be an accessory to our most current print issue, expanding on its theme to bring you even more of the kind of smart & fierce discussion you’ve come to expect from the pages of Shameless.

In this episode, we’re talking environmental justice. You’ll meet Rebecca Mandamin, a teen who helps run a group called Ferda Water, advocating for safe and fair water use in her community of Shoal Lake No 39 (Iskatewizaagegan). She talks about what inspired her to care, a memorable march to a mayor’s office and the challenges of being a young activist in her own community. Then, Mariah Griffin-Angus from Environmental Defence talks about the importance of clearly labeled self-care products - did you know companies aren’t legally required to disclose what kind of toxins might be in your face wash, deodorant or shampoo? Did you know words used as enthusiastic selling points like ‘plant-derived!’ or ‘all-natural!’ can have a pretty lose definition? Mariah outlines some bad offenders & safer alternatives, how to read a product label and what you can do to pressure companies to be more transparent about what’s in their products.

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For a transcript of the podcast, click here.

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