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New issue of Spun Magazine

April 21st, 2006     by Holland Gidney     Comments

Surprisingly, it was a friend in Vancouver who first told me about Spun Magazine but the gals behind this online knitting-plus-other-stuff zine are actually based in Toronto. The new issue they’ve just posted to the Web at has got all kinds of great stuff for knitters and non-knitters alike. Some things that caught my eye:

  • a recipe for (vegan) broccoli pesto (ideal for people who’ve made the decision to not eat cheese for a year)
  • instructions for DIY bath bombs (perfect for soothing sore muscles from all the biking you’re doing now that the weather’s warmer)
  • a great pattern for knitting a glasses case (how practical and quick to make)

Definitely worth checking out.

Tags: diy

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