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Illustration: Mallory CK Taylor

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In June 2004, the first issue of Shameless was published. For the past 15 years, the magazine has become a revolutionary voice for young women and trans youth.

In this 15th anniversary issue of Shameless, we the Youth Advisory Board take the magazine into our own hands. Throughout these pages you will find reprints of pieces from previous Shameless issues along with our responses to them. We present to you a chronicle of our past journeys, our actions of the present, and our hopes for the future.

What I crave for the future is more beautiful, tangled and nuanced spaces of comfort and ease for BIPOC.
— Harmeet Rehal

What I strive for the future is an abundance of will for change and sense of fulfillment.
— Isabel Blackstock

What I am assured of for the future is our capability: to advance our causes, to sustain relationships, and to seek better, together.
—Amalia Acharya

What I remember for the future is the fullness of the past: how many wishes and babies and bodies and configurations of space have already happened, and are happening, and will happen yet.
— Saul Freedman-Lawson

What I hope for the future is for everyone to have the power to tell their story. I believe storytelling will become one of the most powerful tools in activism.
— Alexx Bryant

What I desire for the future is a luxury-automated socialist society free from transmisogynoir, devil’s advocate and fake allies. Free from white saviours, performative folx and “benevolent” billionaires. Idealistic but free. Free for all.
— Jessica Adevor

What I want for the future is a shared vision of empathy and action, where we hold one another accountable with care and work together to create the present we want.
—Tessa Hill

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