New Shameless Talks podcast: Music!

November 25th, 2016     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

A new ep. of Shameless Talks is here! Hosted by our arts editor, Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, this podcast is an accessory to our print issues and will bring you even more of the kind of smart & fierce discussion you’ve come to expect from the pages of Shameless.

In this episode, we’re talking music! You’ll hear from Brighid Fry, a teen singer-songwriter, on learning how to get good at it and about what to do about stage fright; we speak with Keysha Freshh, a female rapper from Toronto, about being female in a male-dominated musical genre and how to get some studio time if you’re low on funds; we speak with Gabriel Guiboche or 2Spirit, a two-spirited rapper and musician from Manitoba, on how her upbringing and coming out as two-spirited earlier this year has shaped the music she makes and wants to make.

We’re also on iTunes! Please subscribe. And tell us how we’re doing! You can get us on Twitter @shamelessmag or find Julia @juliadelj or at Happy listening!

Transcript here.

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