New Shameless Talks Podcast: Shadeism

July 1st, 2016     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

A new ep. of Shameless Talks is here! Hosted by our arts editor, Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, this podcast is an accessory to our print issues and will bring you even more of the kind of smart & fierce discussion you’ve come to expect from the pages of Shameless.

This episode we welcome Shameless editors past and present as guest hosts. They explore shadeism - the discrimination of skin tone within race and talk about deeply internalized white supremacy within families and communities, learning how to disassociate skin tone with self-worth and their ever-evolving relationship with the sun. The conversation was inspired by a short called Shadeism by Nayani Thiyagarajah which has been extended into a full length documentary titled Shadeism: Digging Deeper by Nayani and the Refuge Production team.

With many thanks to LAL for the rad theme music!

Shadeism, the other documentary discussed in the podcast, can be found here.

Transcript here.

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