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No Shame In My Game

May 27th, 2006     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Another first post by someone who’s very pleased to be part of the Shameless community:

Some of you may have heard about the $500 tax credit that Stephen Harpers Conservative government (yikes, theres a phrase I never imagined Id be writing) is offering to the parents of kids who participate in team sports. The credit is a pretty strong incentive for families to get their kids involved in physically challenging activity, which is great in many ways, especially for girls all sorts of young ladies have lots to gain from team sports, where they can learn to be comfortable and confident in their bodies, not to mention getting out some good old-fashioned aggression on the field. But Im rather disturbed that the tax credit doesnt extend to the families of kids who are engaged in other life-affirming, ego-enhancing after-school activities. Does the Harper government think things like dance, visual arts, music, and community involvement are less valuable than athletic ability? Because it sure seems that way.

Of course, the sports credit is only a band-aid solution to make up for cuts to schools athletic programs, and really we should all be flocking to the streets to demand the government give more funding to schools and community centres, instead of offering a wee carrot to parents whose kids get into sports on their own time.

For now, if you want to encourage the Conservatives to take artistic, intellectual, and community pursuits as seriously as sports, you can sign this petition. Okay, Im off to participate in my sport of choice: team napping. Catch you later.

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