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Only in a Woman’s World?

February 23rd, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Oh boy oh boy! There’s a new marketing strategy in town: Only in a Woman’s World. This “series” of drawn videos is here to inspire us to maintain our friendships and fall for these ideas of how women should act. So far this site/series has helped me maintain the following myths about women’s lives:

  1. That good friends only come in sets of fours
  2. You’re still expected to be hung up about your hair from high school
  3. We’re never gay, and always searching for Mr. Right if we haven’t bagged him yet
  4. Gaining back the five pounds we’ve lost is shameful
  5. That if your body is imperfect it is “embarrassing”
  6. Snack companies still want to sell us ideas about who we are (and who they think we should be) to buy their crackers
  7. That we hate our bodies so much we’d wear control top stockings under our bikinis
  8. Making excuses for the food we eat is okay, accepted, and encouraged
  9. We’re still eating celery to fit into said bikinis!

I can’t wait for all the other things I’m going to learn about who I should be and what I should do as this series evolves!!

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