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Ottawa Sens Update

December 7th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Looks like First Place Pregnancy Centre has withdrawn from the Sens Better Halves raffle ticket fundraiser: First Place Pregnancy Centre said it recognizes “the incredible work and generosity… However, we do not wish to interfere in even the most indirect way with the Foundation’s positive image and valuable contribution to our community,” said Terri Mazik, the centre’s executive director, in a statement Thursday.

It also looks like the anti-choicers of the world are painting it as “Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre Bullied out of Fundraiser by Vicious Abortion Crusaders.”

Why not show your support to Planned Parenthood Ottawa and tell them that you appreciate them bringing this issue to light and their success in making sure donated funds go to more transparent organizations - now that First Place Pregnancy Centre has declined the funding, Roger’s House, which provides care for terminally ill children, will now be the third charity supported by the fundraiser.

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