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May 5th, 2009     by Tiina Johns     Comments

An old lady with an invisible house. A crust punk who discovers a water nymph. A traveling musician who has to build a magical artifact before he can marry a woman he’s never met. These brilliantly strange and beautiful stories all appear in the new issue of Laura Kenins’s immensely engaging Birch Control #2.

Whether Kenins’s comics are based on a Finnish epic, or they involve teenagers walking around, being snotty, Ghost World-style, they all feel like folk tales. They slip in and out of unreality with ease, and even the most fantastic moments are familiar and honest.

Kenins is a Halifax-based illustrator, poster designer, and comic maker. Her illustrations have appeared in our very own Shameless magazine, Broken Pencil and the Don’t Touch Me comics anthology. She self-publishes Birch Control, along with her other series, Tales of Modern Tragedy. You can order copies from Kenins’s website, which also features lots of great illustrations, posters, and samples from her comics.

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