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Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Community

August 2nd, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

As part of its Feminism in Public Spaces campaign, The Miss G_ Project and the Toronto Women’s Bookstore are hosting a workshop called Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Community: an Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies. The next workshop is Wednesday, August 15 at the TWB, and it’s free. You have to register so email Miss G at laranicole70 at gmail dot com, or themissgproject at gmail dot com.

As their press release says: “This workshop is perfect for anyone wishing to learn more about sexism and gender-based oppression as it intersects with homophobia, racism, classism, and dis/ability. Topics may include violence against women, body image, gender stereotypes and socialization, media representations of gender, biological determinism vs. social construction debates, global feminisms, the shifting definition of “woman” in relation to other identities, etc.

“Women’s & Gender Studies grew at the university level mid-20th century, and this course will act as one way to bring the important feminist knowledges developed inside and outside of the academy to the community. This workshop will be taught by a fabulous and brilliant feminist scholar. There will be lots to learn, and a safe space for the exchange of thoughts, critiques, and personal experiences.”

More info about the workshop is here.

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