Pandemic Shipping Restart

May 25th, 2020     by Team Shameless     Comments

Hello Shameless readers!

I hope you’re all keeping as safe and healthy as you can through this global pandemic. Me, I’m hanging in there. I am tired and worried and the most ordinary, everyday tasks like grocery shopping take hours and sap me of more energy than I thought possible, but I have a place to live and an okay income. I do what I can to help those who can’t leave the house or have taken a hit to their finances. I hope that if you’re in a precarious position you have people who’ve stepped up to help you, and if you are one of those who’ve stepped up, I’m proud of you.

You may have noticed that for a time, Shameless had suspended shipping. This was a choice made for my safety - I’m our one-person fulfilment team! I’m so grateful that I work with a team of awesome humans who prioritize my health and safety. It’s very clear that not everyone has that privilege. Recently, I’ve been looking at the risks involved in heading out to the post office, and I’ve decided that I’m comfortable reinstating shipping. The Shameless team does great work to get the stories out there and our readers, especially now, are showing their support by purchasing our small, independent mag. Now more than ever, I think those stories matter.

I’m taking all the precautions to keep me and our postal workers safe - mask, social distancing, hand-washing, oceans of hand sanitizer - and limiting trips to the post office to a minimum. That means that if you place an order (thank you!), it may take longer for me to get your order packed up and ready to go, and once it arrives at the post office, the sheer amount of mail in the system will probably mean you’ll have longer to wait too. But I hope you’ll find your patience pays off. For brand-new subscribers, you’ll get a digital copy of our stunningly beautiful current issue to tide you over until your physical copy arrives.

I’m still answering emails, so if there’s anything you want to know about placing an order, existing subscriptions, or just to check in, send me a message at

Stay strong and stay shameless. We’ll get through this together.

Circulation Manager

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